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  BYLAWS (June 5, 2012)


     1.1  The name of this square and round dance club shall be the Land Harbor Mountain
             Mixers (“LHMM”). Its purpose shall be to organize and promote  square and round
             dance recreation activities at Land Harbor. It shall be a non-profit organization.
             The club colors shall be white and black with green accents.                                                                   

     2.1  The club shall consist of  Active Members, Honorary Members, and Inactive Members,
             as set forth below.                                                                                            

     2.2  The LHMM, and its members, shall be governed by the bylaws, rules, and regulations
             of the Land Harbor Property Owners Association ("POA"), by the LHMM bylaws,
             and by such other rules as may be established by the LHMM governing Council, in
             that order of precedence.


     3.1  The LHMM membership year shall run from July 1st through June 30th of the following year.

     3.2  All dancers are eligible for membership in the LHMM, provided they are qualified to dance
            at the mainstream level.

     3.3  Such persons as set forth in paragraph 2.1 who are current on their annual dues are
            "Active Members".

            3.3.1  Active Members are entitled to vote in all general meetings and will pay member fees to
                      attend all club events.

     3.4  Dues are delinquent after July 1st of the membership year and delinquent members will be
            declared “Inactive Members.”

            3.4.1  Inactive Members forfeit all membership rights.

            3.4.2  After one year on the inactive list a member will be dropped from the membership rolls.

              During this one-year period, however, Inactive Members may reestablish Active
                                   Membership by, at any time during that year, paying their full dues for
                                   that membership year.

     3.“Honorary Members” will pay no annual dues and are entitled to all the rights of Active
            3.5.1  Honorary members are exempt from attendance fees at the Friday club dances and will
                      be provided an appropriate bar for his/her club badge.
            3.5.2  There will be no more than four (4) Honorary Members.
            3.5.3  When there are fewer than four Honorary Members, any member may submit
                       nominations of candidates for honorary membership to the council, in writing,
                       detailing the achievements of the nominee.
            3.5.4  Such nominations and the council’s recommendations will be presented to the voting
                      membership at the next annual meeting.
            3.5.5  Honorary membership shall be withdrawn and the member declared inactive for failing
                      to attend any club activity for a period of two years or if the honorary member
                      is no longer eligible for membership.

4. Guests
     4.1  Inactive members of the LHMM, POA members, and guests of POA members may attend all
            LHMM social activities, but must pay guest fees, which will include a surcharge.
5. Governing Council

     5.1  The governing council shall consist of eight (8) members who are elected from the active
             membership and shall serve terms that run for two years beginning at the first council
             meeting following their election.

             5.1.1  To insure council continuity four members shall be elected each year.

             5.1.2  In the event any member cannot complete his/her term the President will appoint a
                       temporary council member and at the next election that seat will be added to the
                       nomination slate to fill out the unexpired term.

     5.2  The Friday, Sunday and Monday Dance Coordinator(s) shall be active voting members of the
             council to make a maximum total of eleven (11) council members each year.
     5.3  Ad Hoc advisor's may be appointed by the council, at its discretion.  Such advisor's will not
            have a vote at council meetings.

6. Officers and Their Duties

    6.1  The officers of the council shall be: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant
           Treasurer, and Hosts.  These officers shall be elected each year by the incoming council
             as its first order of business.

    6.2  The President shall: preside at all council and general meetings; be responsible for keeping the
           membership informed of club and council activities; appoint committees to carry out projects
           approved by the council or the membership; obtain contracts with club caller(s) and cuer(s);
           call council and/or general meetings and determine the time and place of such meetings;
           perform other duties as appropriate.
    6.3  The Vice-President shall assume all duties of the President whenever the President is unable to
            carry out his/her duties and shall assist the President in fulfilling his/her duties as needed.

    6.4  The Secretary shall: keep minutes of all council meetings and provide each council member
            with a copy of these minutes; record all actions at General Meetings; maintain an orderly file
            of all written material relating to club activities produced by the club or club members or sent
            to them, including  minutes, correspondence, contracts, announcements, flyer's, etc;
            pass this running file to his/her successor each year so that continuous club records are
            maintained; perform other duties including council correspondence as required.

    6.5  The Treasurer shall: maintain accurate records of all club income and expenditures; collect
            membership, dance and other club dues and fees; pay all authorized club expenses promptly;
            maintain an up-to-date list of active, inactive, and honorary members.

    6.6  The Assistant-Treasurer shall assume all duties of the Treasurer whenever that officer
            is unable to carry out his/her duties and shall assist the  Treasurer in collection of dance,
            membership, and other club dues and fees as appropriate.

7.1 Governing Council Authority and Duties

     7.1  The Council shall establish the following year’s activities and dance program/schedule
             (including dates and times).

     7.2  The Council shall produce, print and distribute a yearly dance schedule.

     7.3  The Council shall produce and print the annual membership directory from lists supplied
             by the treasurer.

     7.4  The Council shall set annual membership dues, surcharges, dance fees and activity fees
             and similar charges.

     7.5  The Council may, at any time, approve club sponsorship of square or round dance activities or
             events managed by active club members.

     7.6  The Council must authorize all expenditures and may do so either specifically or in general
             categories (i.e. refreshments).

     7.7  Checks drawn on the club account will require a single signature. The Treasurer, Assistant
            Treasurer and one other council member shall be authorized signers.
     7.8  The Council may establish appropriate classes and workshops during the season, either
             directly or through a coordinator appointed by them.

     7.9  The Council shall approve all caller/cuer contract forms, before they are executed.

     7.10 The Dance Coordinators shall organize and schedule dance callers and contract with such
              callers as is appropriate, subject to approval by the  Council.
8. Council Meetings

    8.1  Council Meetings: Council meetings may be called at any time by the President or by six (6)
           Council members.

           8.1.1  A reasonable effort must be made to notify all council members at least twenty-four (24)
                     hours before any proposed meeting.

           8.1.2  Six (6) Council members shall constitute a Council quorum.

           8.1.3  The passage of motions and resolutions shall require the majority of a quorum vote of
                      the council.

           8.1.4  Any appropriate business may be brought before the council at any meeting, unless the
                     meeting has been called to address a specific issue.

    8.2  Mandatory Council meetings shall be held:

           8.2.1  In May for approval review and modification, if needed, of the upcoming year’s

           8.2.2  In June for the selection of a council member nominating committee chairman;    

             The Committee Chairman shall appoint a Nominating Committee to select
                                   nominees to be considered for election as the following year’s council

                          The committee shall be composed of the Chairperson and at least two
                                                   other active members not on the Council.
                          If able, the nominating committee should present a slate of twice the
                                                  number of candidates needed as there may be unscheduled vacancies
                                                   to be voted on at the next election.

                          The slate of nominees must be posted on the bulletin board in the
                                                   Recreation Hall at least two weeks (14 days) before the meeting.
                                                   Additional nominations may be made from the floor.

          8.2.3  In August for initiation and formulation of the following year’s program and for the
                    appointment of a Welcome Back Party chairperson.
          8.2.4  In September:

            Before the semiannual membership meeting to receive the nominating committees

            After the semiannual general membership meeting for the finalization of the
                                 following year’s program including the setting of fees. This  meeting will be
                                 attended by the new council members and the out-going council members
                                 (as non-voting advisory members).

9.0 Authority and Duties of the Membership

     9.1  The membership, by a majority vote of a quorum, must approve dance coordinators, as
             recommended by the Council 
     9.2  A General Meeting of the membership may be called: (1) by the Council President; (2) by a
            quorum of the Council meeting in official session; (3) by  twenty (20) per cent of the
            active members.

     9.3  Announcements of all general meetings, stating the time, place and purpose of the meeting,
            must be made at all club activities held within the week preceding the called meeting and
            must also be posted in writing on the bulletin board in the Recreation Hall a week in
            advance of the called meeting.
     9.4  Twenty (20) per cent of the LHMM active membership shall constitute a quorum at any
             general membership meeting.
            9.4.1  A two-thirds majority of that quorum shall be required amend the bylaws.

            9.4.2  A simple majority of a quorum is required to pass a motion or resolution.

    9.5  All proposed by-law amendments must be submitted to the council in writing and must be
           posted as submitted on the Recreation Hall bulletin board at least two weeks (fourteen days)
            before the general meeting at which they will be considered.  Proposed amendments may
            be further amended from the  floor at that meeting.
    9.6  Mandatory LHMM General Membership Meetings shall be held:

           9.6.1  In June for the recognition of the nominating committee and a review of the year’s
                     schedule of activities.  The meeting will be held immediately following the
                     “Welcome Back” party.
           9.6.2  In September between the mandatory Council meetings for discussion of the following
                     year’s program as recommended by the council and to fill open Council positions.
            Where more than a minimal slate of nominees is forwarded, a secret ballot will
                                  be held with those members receiving the largest number  of votes being
                                  elected to the council.

            Where only a minimal slate of nominees is forwarded, the President may ask for
                                  a waiver of the secret ballot.

            In the event of a tie for the last position, a run-off election of those tied will be
                                 held immediately. There will be no cumulative voting.

          9.6.3  Any other appropriate business may be brought up at membership meetings following
                    completion of the mandatory agenda.
      10.1  This reiteration/revision of the original bylaws, rules and regulations was approved by the
                required vote of the LHMM members present at the annual meeting on June 1, 2011
      10.2  The original bylaws, rules and regulations were approved by the membership present at the
               annual meeting June 24, 1984 and were amended at general meetings on August 29, 1986,
               June 21, 1987, September 6, 1988, September 8, 1992, September 28, 1995, September 8,
               1998, September 18, 2007, June 3, 2009 and June 2, 2010,  June 1, 2011, and June 5, 2012