Thoughts from the mountains;
Chivalry never died, The Gentleman in most men did.
Being male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age, but, being a gentleman is a matter of choice!


Special Notice
Mountain Mixers has created a Code of Conduct To guide those who participate in Western Square & Round Dancing to conduct and enjoy this activity in the best manner possible with a great social and fun atmosphere.
Please click HERE to view this Code of Conduct.

Welcome To Land Harbor Video, Click Here

If you are a square or round dancer living anywhere it is hot in the summer and looking for a cool place to visit and square dance several times per week click here!

Click here for Health Benefits Of Square Dancing From Mayo Clinic Newsletter

For more information on Linville Land Harbor, Linville, NC click here

For a beautiful picture of the Land Harbor Lake click here.

Click here to go to Youtube for various callers with singing calls and MM dancers

Click here to go to the Tam Twirlers TAMinations, which is a web site that maintains animated graphics of all square dance calls from Mainstream through C-3A. This will help you with any calls your are learning or need to review.

Click here to go to Saddlebrook Square Square Dancing Club, which is a web site with all of the Mainstream and Plus calls illustrated and taught with live dancers,

Mountain Mixers Bylaws effective June 5, 2012:
This is the Mountain Mixers Bylaws to be effective on June 5, 2012. Click here


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